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Deborah A. Bruno, MSW, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker


My ideal client is seeking help for personal issues whether it be for individual or relationship problems that may be causing depression, anxiety or stress in one's life. When such feelings become the norm in your life a professional can help. Through the process of talk therapy, I partner with you to help you find connections, a new level of awareness and provide motivational techniques to encourage change. Positive change. Sometimes it takes making difficult decisions but will ultimately lead you to a happier more fulfilling life. I embrace the opportunity to work with you.


I am trained to listen, observe and customize my approach to individual or couples needs. Couples learn to communicate effectively, parents understand their children better, anxious and depressed clients feel happier and less stressed, motivation for life re-surfaces, professionals become more successful. My specialties are depression, anxiety, grief, addictions and relationship issues.


My experience consists of over 28 years as a psychotherapist, Clinical Social Worker, Care Manager, Executive Coach and Business Consultant. I conduct day and evening appointments.   Credit Cards are accepted. Free 15 minute telephone consult is available.

Tel: (561) 287-2764

Meet Deborah



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