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Frequently Asked Questions


We have tried to cover and answer most questions that people may ask about our services.  If we don't have it listed below please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate attention please visit you nearest healthcare facility.

 01  Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes.   Mindbuilders accepts most insurances for counseling and psychotherapy session.  Keep in mind though a diagnosis is submitted to the insurance companies.



 02  How long is a session in person?

Our sessions are one hour.  However, we offer packages for a flat monthly fee to message a psychotherapist at your convenience and you will get a same day response via e-mail or private messaging.  The flat montly fee for the messaging plan is $99.00 per month.




 03  If I don't have insurance, how much is a one hour in-person session?

A one hour session is $150.00.  However, we do offer reduced rates based on financial review.



 04  Does insurance cover a Life Coach?

No a Life Coach is NOT covered by your healthcare insurance.  Life Coaching is a fee for service activity and is NOT related to medical necessity like Psychotherapy services are.




 05  How long do I have to be in therapy?

This is determeined during your initial evaluation and treatment plan.  We work together to accomplish your goals as quickly as we can and help you to attain a happier more fulfilling life.



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