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Physician Burn-Out

A large percentage of Physicians will face burnout at some point in their career. Many studies have attempted to isolate the factors contributing to the increase in Physician burnout compared to other professions. Results pointed to numerous factors: hours of work, stress of patient care, balancing professional and personal responsibilities, financial obligations, consequence of decision, and time management. Physician burnout has many faces. Symptoms reported include: feeling overwhelmed, insurmountable stress, emotional exhaustion and depersonalization (viewing patients more like objects than people). Many Doctors will face some of these symptoms periodically, but when they begin to amass and appear daily the consequences can be devastating. Job performance starts to suffer, decision-making is hindered, errors can occur, and ultimately can turn into disillusionment with healthcare, substance abuse and possible depression. Doctors can ignore their own symptoms as easily as their patients, but know all to well how a small problem can turn into a larger one if ignored. Burnout can become a serious issue, but it can also be easily treated. Most Doctors know the value of referring to a Specialist. When is comes to Physician burnout a Life Coach is that Specialist. Life Coaches can provide solutions and structure to improve a Physician’s daily activities. After evaluating the situation, they can offer: personalized tools to improving time management, help prioritizing commitments, ways to offset stress and suggestion on healthy habits. Life Coaches can reside anywhere with today's technological advances. Sessions are confidential and Life Coaches are experienced working with professionals and have a keen understanding of the issues facing our healthcare system.

They can reach to put order back into the chaos of medical practice, point out the nuances of life that hinder personal and professional growth, and restore balance into work, health, family and social life. A good Life Coach can turn Physician burnout into a new zeal for practice and life. Every Doctor should take the time to heal from Physician burnout. The path to becoming a Doctor is one filled with stress and a lifetime of challenges. Don’t throw away years of education and establishing a professional practice to burnout.

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