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Stress: The Silent Killer


Stress can be experienced as a result of your thoughts, your body or through environmental circumstances. Everyone copes with stress in his or her own way. With the daily pressures of work and family it is even more essential to learn effective ways of handling stress. Stress that continues without positive relief can lead to major health conditions. Consider some of these facts. 70-90% of all doctors office visits are for stress related ailments and complaints.

Stress is linked to the six leading causes of deaths. Prevalence of mental health and emotional disorders is more than 50% due to chronic untreated stress reactions. In order to keep yourself free of the ill effects of stress, you may want to follow my tips for reducing Stress

Mindbuilders Tips For Managing Stress Effectively

1. Maintain A Positive Outlook On Life

2. Laugh And Learn How To Play

3. Exercise And Eat Healthy

4. Discuss Your Feelings (Cancer grows in silence)

5. Rest When Your Body Is Telling You Your Tired

6. Seek Out Positive Social Support And Love Your Pet

7. Set Achievable Goals And Manage Your Time More Effectively

8. Say "NO" On Occasion. I Have Found Those Most Stressed Have Way Too Much On Their Plate

9. Learn Healthy Ways To Relax (Yoga, Golf, Meditation)

10. Let Spirituality Replace Worrying

11. Remember Why You Are Here And Enjoy! Your Time It's Limited!

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